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Marianas Division
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Recent Events

July 21, 2000
Marianas Division Cadets in formation during the Liberation Day Parade.

The MarDiv in formation.

Attention all High School cadets,
If you wish to join Color Guard, Armed Drill Team, Unarmed Drill Team, or the Rifle Team please contact one of the leading cadets.

There will be drill competitions in March and May, all island J.R.O.T.C. in March and the Far East Competition in May. Sign up if your interested.

The December drill will be held on the 9 & 10 (so you can enjoy your break). Possibly a Gameworks/Barbeque drill.

Upcoming Events

Officers Call

The next Officers Call is to be determined.


Saturday Nov. 18
Come to the drill dressed in your PT gear and bring a set of Dungarees with you(don't foget any parts of the uniform, look sharp!) and a notebook (you will need pen and paper).
-0755: Muster
-0800: Colors
-0830-1000: PT/Sports at ComNavMar Gym
-1000-1130: Operations traing for Sea/League Cadets
-1200-1300: Meal Call at USNH Galley
-1300-1500: Operations traing for Sea/League Cadets
-1500: Secure Drill

Sunday Nov. 19
Regular drill. Bring a pen and paper!
-0755: Muster
-0800: Colors
-0830-1000: Operation Training for Sea/League Cadets
-1000-1100: Protestant Church Call/Roman Catholic CCD/Acedemics
-1100-1200: Noon Meal at the NEX Food Court/Exchange Call, bring money.
-1200-1500: Operation Training for Sea/League Cadets

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